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Frequently asked questions


*What are my Unique paper wallet dimensions?

The wallets measure (folded) either  10 cm x 8.5cm or 10cm x 7.5cm.

 The 10 x 7.5 cm format is designed for Australian bank notes size.

The 10 x 8.5cm format is a more international size and can only be provide on Bespoke(taylor made)


* What can I put in the wallet?

Around 10 credit cards or licence-ID in the side slots

 notes, receipts or papers in the first section and bank notes in the other.


* Can I put coins in the wallet?

Yes, but we advise against doing so.


* Is the wallet water resistant?

The laminate finish is made for heavy duty.

IT protects the wallet from sprays-splash or rain but not for submersion


* I ordered a Tailor-made and I don’t like it.

Send it back to us with a message explaining why and we will either recreate a wallet for you

(we will email the design made for you to check before dispatching and print it), or you can choose another wallet from the shop collection and we will refund you the difference in price.


* How long will the wallet last?

I’ve had mine for two years, it goes with me everywhere, everyday in the pocket of my suit or my jeans and it’s still in good condition.

Your wallet is unique and has been carefully handmade in our workshop.

It deserves your care so that you can keep it for a long time.

Why not consider starting a collection?


See you soon.



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